Mixed Media Artist

Matthew- Two

I did this ACEO of my nephew Matthew.  He is the cutest.  Two and a half and so smart.  He can count to 20 in english and to 10 in french.  He really is adorable.  The way he looks at you.  He really looks at you.  It is kind of unnerving, like he can see right into your soul.  

I must add that although his cuteness is undeniable, he truely is a two year old in every way.  Not unlike my  two year old, Scarlett.  

I remember when Imogen,my  five year old was two,  I was amazed at the blossoming of her personality.  I just found it so amazing and as exasperating as she could be, I was so taken with getting to know her that I can honestly say it was my favorite age.  

Two year olds are just so cute and it is a good thing because when they kick you, hit you or bite you it makes it easier to keep your cool.  I guess there is a reason for everything.  


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