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This is a 2.5″x3.5″ original mixed media painting on 100% rag paper.

We had to make a hard choice today. We’ve decided to not go to Victoria for Christmas. I know it is the smart choice but it makes me a little sad. This painting is of Imogen who is already thinking about what she wants for Christmas and even warned Scarlett (the two year old) about Santa’s ever watchful gaze during a melt down she had today about getting dressed!
What is Imogen she wishing for? A basket for the front of her bike. Decorative and practical.

It is only mid summer so I am sure there will be plenty more wishes by December. Geesh.

The Bearded Lady

Continuing the Circus theme. This is an ACEO of a bearded lady. I actually don’t know if this woman (?) was in the Circus. I found this photo online and thought I’d do a little painting of it. I just don’t know … she really does not look like a woman. But then again, what would I look like with a big bushy beard?

New Mini Canvas of Circus Girl

This is an original 2.5″x2.5″ mixed media painting of Circus Girl ( I think she is going to have an actual name very soon!) I am working on this character for a children’s book. Every now and then, I just have to paint her to get myself all inspired about this story again. She really is beautiful and I love painting her. After the disaster painting day yesterday I thought I should ease myself into painting by doing something that I know I love. The story is slowly coming together. I am trying not to rush it but maybe it is time for a little more of a tough love approach. My husband thinks so. I don’t know.

What Is The Opposite Of The Midas Touch? (‘Cause That Is What I Had Today)

Boy, today was difficult.

Some days, you go to the drawing table and it works. Most days, thankfully. It may take a little pushing or pulling but eventually, it works.

Today was not one of those days.

I was finally feeling well enough to work, Chris took the girls out, and the loft had cooled down to a workable temperature, but no matter how much I pushed, pulled, prodded, stamped my feet, yelled, pulled my hair – yes, it came to that – not matter what I did, it just did not work. It was like the opposite of the Midas touch. Dare I say, I created some mighty, mighty crappy art today! I started to think : maybe I have lost my touch. Maybe I will never create another good piece of art ever again. Maybe everything I create will be like a mediocre piece of grade 7 art- not even that good when you were in grade 7, and even worse when you are … well, we don’t need to go there. I feel bad enough already.

I know that we need to make little messes every now and then to get to the good stuff and that it is all part of the creative process, but it was still a very frustrating day.

I can’t post any art today.

It would just be to embarrassing.

Supportive Blogging

So, isn’t it nice when someone you don’t even know, out of the blue, gives you the greatest of compliments? I just discovered this blog about my art: http://witezine.wordpress.com/2008/07/21/amazing-art/.

What can I say? It feels good to be validated. Some days I wonder what I am doing or if I should even bother. When someone is moved enough to comment on your art or write a whole blog it means a lot.

Check out this other  supportive blogger and artist:


Thank you!

Girl With Fox

This is a 11.5″ x15.5″ mixed media painting done on 100% rag paper.

This painting kind of strays a little from what I usually paint or at least the way I paint. I used a historical photograph I found on the web as inspiration. I usually take all my own reference photographs, but I just found this photograph so intriguing. Who is this girl holding a fox? It just looks like something from an old fairy tale. I had it pinned on my wall for the longest time and just had to paint it.

Another Still Moment

I did this ACEO today of Scarlett. It is another study of a moment when my two year old was unusually still and contemplative. A moment to celebrate.

PRETEND- Illustration Friday -Looking For Fairies Amongst The Flowers

I was looking for fairies in the Garden

I left a little cottage teapot for them

So that they could set up house

Perhaps they would prefer to sleep within the flowers

If I were a fairy I’d live amongst the poppies

Their big papery petals would be my walls

and close by I would have lupins and foxgloves and hollyhocks too

Their lovely fragrance would surround me as I






I adore Beatrix Potter’s illustrations of tiny little mice. Angelia Ballerina looks great in a Tutu, I’ve always like Mickey and Mighty and I will admit, Stewart was a great addition to the Little family. Cinderella made clothes for them, Snow white cleaned with them. Both sang to them, and their cute little mouse voices. Remember Gus’ little gruff voice? Just adorable! But what is the one thing that these stories have in common? THEY ARE FICTION! Yes, mice are CUTE … on T.V., in cartoons, books and movies!

NOT in my house! Not in MY house! Not in my HOUSE!

I saw him come out of the heating vent. I screamed and he ran back into the vent. I was standing there stunned and a little too still because he came back out again. I took one look at him, pointed my finger and stamped my foot and yelled:

“You get back in there RIGHT NOW!”

And he did.

It makes me think of the book Theo le Seig wrote:

… “now you know,” said the mouse. ” You know what there is in a people house”.

Well, I know what is in my house! A MOUSE!

Life’s First Breath

This is a 8″x 8″ profile canvas that I painted for 8 minutes of Peace. http://www.8minutesofpeace.com/

My first daughter was born at eight minutes to eight in the morning. It was the most profound, awesome and blessed moment of my whole life. To know that she was finally in this world and that she was healthy and safe was the greatest peace I had ever felt. Life is just too precious. We are all someone’s babe. All of us.