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Archive for August 5, 2008

The Pear Tree

We have the most amazing pear tree growing in our back yard. I get real pleasure looking at this tree that we planted, only three years ago, in a yard that had nothing (and I mean NOTHING) in it. Not only has this tree tripled in size but it has fruit for the first time! This in EDMONTON! Truly amazing. This painting pays homage to our pear tree. The fruit hasn’t really made it to this size but one can dream.

Winter Birch

I did this original mixed media ACEO on 100% rag today. I just love this vintage coat. It reminds me of a movie I saw set during world war ll. The boy in the movie was running through a forest of birch trees, there was snow on the ground and of course, the movie was black and white. Don’t ask me where all that came from. The picture looks nothing like it but it must have been the feeling it evoked in me. Anyway, I did a large version of this one a little while back and have wanted to paint it again ever since.