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Archive for October 28, 2008

The Orange Peelers

I finally finished this canvas of Scarlett peeling oranges!  I have been putting it off for a long time but I’m done now and I am really happy with it.  As you may know, this is not the first time I have painted this subject, but this is the first time I have painted multiple Scarletts.  God knows that one of her is plenty!  I can’t imagine dealing with six of her. She found  the idea quite hilarious, pointing at each one individually and yelling “Scarlett!”.

This painting is a 11.5″x47″ mixed media painting on a 1.5″ profile canvas.



The First Snow

This is an ACEO that I did today.  It actually hasn’t snowed yet but I am anticipating it.  It should happen any day now and lasts for … oh, ten months …OK eight …OK, OK six.  Tomorrow is supposed to go as high 19 (that is nearly 70 for you Americans)!  Maybe, for the kids’ sake it will hold off until after Halloween.