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Archive for November 17, 2008

Just Too Young


It is hard to be two.  Everyone knows that you can’t teach a two year old in a ‘do what I say environment’.  Don’t even try!  To a two year old ‘do what I say’ means ‘do anything BUT that!’ and, make sure you pout your lips so they are touching your nose, cross your arms tight across your chest, and on occasion, throw yourself on the floor in a heap.  Is it any wonder that ballet classes are offered to 3 and up?  The problem with this is that a two year old sees themselves as ready and the idea that someone might even suggest that they may not be is insulting, to say the least!

UH OH …  cue the lips and arms and ONE… TWO… THREE… dissolve in tears to the floor!

This is an original 12″x12″ mixed media painting on a 2″ deep wood panel.