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IF ‘flawed’- Sad Song


Her song was only flawed by its sadness.

Garbo Deco Harlequin


This is an original 16″x16″ mixed media painting on wood of Greta Garbo in the classic  silent movie ‘Torrent’.  I love painting from black and whites stills!  The sky is the limit (colour wise).


ACEO Torrent/Greta Garbo


This painting is of the wonderful Greta Garbo in the silent film ‘Torrent’ from 1926. Don’t you just love the black and white striped fur coat? So art deco! It is kind of a sad tale, giving Garbo lots of reason to lift those heavy lidded eyes to the heavens. This still is of the final shot in the film.

This painting is available on ebay

Sydney and Imogen

photoChris took this photo of Sydney and Imogen with this iphone.  Aren’t they sweet!?

IF ‘Climbing’- Watching The High Wire Act

waching-the-hire-wire Even climbing the ladder gave Circus Girl butterflies.

Zasu Pitts

zasu-pittsThis is a new 24″x24″ mixed media painting on wood of  the silent film star Zasu Pitts from the movie ‘Greed’.

I took this image with  Chris’ iphone.  I have always wanted to paint stills off of the TV  but until now have never been happy with the results. This was  such a great still, such a powerful image.  I just had to paint it.

I will admit, I had no idea who this woman was or what movie the still was from while I was painting.  Perhaps this is a good thing.  I think if I had know, I would have used a darker palette.  I was able to paint without  any prejudice.

Comments are always appreciated.

A limited edition art reproduction is available of this painting.

Original SOLD

IF ‘Pale’- Albino Girl

You have to admit, you don’t get much paler than this!albino-girl

ACEO The Pout

aceo-the-poutsmwmBoy, I know I am in for it when she wakes up like this!  Those lips just don’t quit!

Another ACEO available on etsy.

ACEO Deep In Thought


A New ACEO mixed media painting of Imogen.  Available on Etsy.

ACEO Looking Forward


This is a new ACEO  mixed media painting on paper.