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Girl With Orange Cat On Red Chair

girl-with-orange-cat-on-red-chairThis is a new 8″x10″ mixed media painting on canvas.

This  painting is from my too small series. It shows my daughter Imogen wearing my party dress from when I was five.

I see myself as a little girl in her.   I know when she wears it, she is pretending to be a grown up.

Already she is living in the future, while  her mother’s memories are so easily triggered by the ghost of a dress.


Painting In Progress


I haven’t  posted anything lately. Life gets in the way sometimes.

Here is a new painting that I am working on. This was my party dress  from when I was five.(It also has a Holly Hobby pinafore that goes over top.)  Now  Imogen wears them for dress up.  Once again, the past and the present intertwine into one.

I think that I am almost finished this one.  Almost.  It is harder to know with some paintings.


IF ‘Instinct’ Little Red Riding Hood


Little red riding hood  knew she shouldn’t have strayed from the path.  Her mother had told her not to.  It was just that she wanted her grandmother to feel better and  knew that the sight of wild flowers would put a smile on her face.  But now, it was getting dark and she had the strangest feeling.  You know that feeling.  Like she was no longer alone.  Like someone was watching her.

Little red riding hood stopped picking flowers and stood up straight. Standing silently she listened for movement in the dark woods  surrounding her.  She moved the freshly picked flowers up toward her face. ‘Maybe their sweet smell would calm her’, she thought to herself, but this feeble gesture did nothing to ease her increasing feeling of  dread.  The harder she tried to listen, the louder her heartbeat pounded in her ears.  She was all at once being taken over by a horrible sense of foreboding.  Like she was being  devoured,  body and soul, by fear itself.

ACEO Easter Bonnet #2

aceo-easter-bonnet2This is a new 2.5″x3.5″ mixed media painting I did today.

This piece is available on etsy.

ACEO Easter Bonnet

aceo-easter-bonnet-1This a new painting I did today.  It is a 2.5″x3.5″ mixed media painting on 100% archival rag paper.


Scarlett and The Blue Hydrangeas

scarlett-and-the-blue-hydrangeaThis is a new painting of Scarlett in Nanny and Grandpa’s backyard. Kind of reminds me of ‘Alice in Wonderland’, which really, when you think about it, describes Victoria perfectly.  It truly is a wonderland.

This is a 16″x16″ mixed media painting on  a 1″ deep wood stretcher.  The sides are painted red.

IF ‘Celebrate’ -Life’s First Breath

8-minutes-to-8-lifesfirst-breathsm Congratulations Penelope and Colin!  Life’s First Breath is always something to ‘celebrate’.  My  eldest daughter’s first breath was eight minutes to eight  in the morning and I am still celebrating the miracle of her birth five years ( and another daughter) later.

(Especially when she goes to bed on time).

Circus Girl and Lion Study (ACEO)


This is an ACEO study I did today of Circus Girl lying against the lion’s mane.


ACEO Beijing Meow

beijing-meowThis is  a study of our cat, Beijing Meow.

Dylan, The Great … (Nephew That Is)

dylanHere is a painting of Dylan, another one of my wonderful nephews.  Don’t you just love his cheeky grin and the sparkle in his eye?  Kind of makes you wonder what he is going to get up to next!

Are n’t Scarlett and   Imogen lucky to have all these handsome older cousings?

Keep doing the great art work Dylan, Nanny tells me that you have a real talent!