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Jean Harlow

aceo-jean-harlowThis is an original mixed media ACEO of the fabulous Jean Harlow.  She was the original blonde bombshell and died way to young.  Isn’t she amazing?

Boy am I ever having fun with this new series.  I am loving the research.  So many of these great stars did live long lives (not always happy.) But some, like Jean didn’t even make into her thirties and yet, look at the impact she made on the world!  People still love her to this day.


Creating ACEOs With Planet Norwood

The other day I volunteered at  Planet Norwood, an after school care program that my daughter Imogen attends.  We created ACEO (art collections, originals and editions).

I was a bit worried at first.

I really resisted telling them what to paint.  I wanted this project to be about creating there own ‘thing’ but the initial blank stares made me panic a little. (I admit, I started to sweat ). But then, the light went on for one and then another and then another until they were all working away on their tiny little works of art.

It was  amazing, they all did totally different things.  Pencil drawings, paint, collage, you name it.   Many children that don’t even  do crafts, worked on this with me, cool huh?

I also brought plastic sleeves for them to put their final piece in. That really got them excited.  They all worked extra hard to finish what they were doing  just so they would be able to  put in a plastic sleeve.  It  made me realize that, like framing art, it took the art that they were doing to another level.  It raised it to something more precious, a keepsake, something important. I don’t know if I have ever realized how important that is to a kid.   Oh, the power of one plastic sleeve!

This is an ACEO that my  five year old daughter Imogen did. aceo-imogens