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Dancing With Giggles

dancing-with-gigglessm8.5″x10.5″ mixed media painting on paper.


Heidi Hair and Polka Dots- SOLD

16″x20″ mixed media painting on canvas.heidi-hair-and-polka-dots

When I was a little girl my favorite hairstyle was ‘Heidi hair’.  I remember a book I had by Judy Blume (I think?) with a girl on the front, who had dark hair (like me) donned in a  ‘Heidi doo’ with a big red gladiola on the side.  I loved this paining, I think because I thought it looked like me. I remember I loved the book too but I just can’t remember the title … ???***  Boy haven’t thought about that in awhile.

Well here I go again, living vicarioulsy through my kids.  I love putting Imogen’s hair up this way.  She thinks she looks like a princess but  hates all the pins it requires.  It does takes a lot of pins!  Boy does that kid have thick hair!

**** It was “Starring Sally J. Freedman As Herself”


friendssmThis is a new mixed media painting I did on paper.  It is 11.5″x15.5″.

Funny enough, well, not funny at all, Beijing tried to jump on top of the fridge today and fell and hurt his leg.  He is at the vet right now, under observation.  Ching, ching (that is the sound of money …booooooo hooooo).


IF ‘Theater’ – My Fancy Shoe

my-fancy-shoesmLast night we took our 5 year old to The Wizard of OZ.  It was a huge production made even larger by the fact that we were in the second row.

I have always loved Dorothy’s ruby slippers, I definitely have a thing for red shoes.  (Well, shoes in general, to be honest.)  Last night I wore my three inch, T-strap, Kate Spades.  They have tiny coral details that I just love.  Imogen, who also loves a nice shoe,  wore her gold ballerina flats.

I wish people dressed up more  to go to the theater.  I mean, if we no longer dress up to go to the theater,  then when DO we dress up?

This is a little painting I did of one of Scarlett’s favorite shoes (Kenneth Cole).  It is mixed media on paper and is 8.5″x11.5″.


This is a mixed media portrait I did of Otto the Bullodog.  Isn’t he adorable!   This was really fun and I totally fell in love with my subject.ottosm

I Will Protect You …. Finished




Striped Socks, Yellow Hat and An Orange Cat …Finished

This is a 3’x5′ mixed media painting on canvas.striped-socks


The Accomplishment

Remember when you learnt how to tie your own shoes?  It was quite the feeling of accomplishment.

I did this 9″x12″ mixed media painting today and guess what?  Imogen  tied a bow!  WOW!  She was so excited.  There were high fives all around, even Scarlett was in on it.

The only thing that you don’t need when you are trying to tie your shoe is a cat.  Ever noticed how they like long stringy things?



IF ‘Impossibility’ Blue Butterfly

blue-butterfly1Sometimes blending in is an ‘impossibility’.