Mixed Media Artist

Don’t Look Back …

5″x7″ mixed media painting on paper.

… it’s never a good idea.

A painting/photo of a happy person makes me happy. I may even wonder what made them so happy. It will be a passing thought:
‘mmm, what were they so happy about’.
And then I will move on.

A sad person stops me longer. I just can’t help it. Perhaps it is the voyeur in me. I just feel this incredible curiosity well up inside me.
Why are you feeling that way? What happened to you? Is it a fleeting sadness or is it a deep and all encompassing sadness that you can no longer hide. Not for one more second.

Perhaps that is why Mona Lisa has intrigued people for so long. I know she is smiling but I have always felt her smile to be kind of sad in a way. She looks off to the side, kind of longingly. To me, it is a bittersweet smile. Someone with a secret. Maybe a dark secret that she doesn’t want to keep anymore. If she was simply smiling we wouldn’t even give it a second thought. There is something a little dark in that smile.

I have looked back many times in my life. I guess we all have. Let’s face it, if the world was made up of billions of Eckhart Tolles it would be a mighty weird place. I am not saying it would not be a better but it would be weird.

Looking back has never helped me, nor has looking forward, for that matter. Both create great anxiety in me and are extremely unhelpful when I am trying to be creative or make an important decision
The biggest mistakes I have made in my life have come about during times when I was either too focused on the future or on the past.
But there I go again, looking back.
So, I must stop.

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