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You Pick The Next Reproduction Give Away!

Here are the three images I am thinking about form the next give away but I would love your opinion! Go ahead and cast your vote!




The draw is complete! The girls were excited to to participate but I think a little stunned that it was over so quick. Anyway, congrats to Arie, you are the winner!

I am sorry to all that didn’t win, you are all so deserving! Next month there will be another chance to win, so don’t forget to stop by and leave a comment on the chosen reproduction! I have decided to have a little poll to pick the October reproduction give away. I will post three images to choose from in the next day, so please come back and vote!

(If your heart is broken and you feel that you just can’t LIVE without this OOAK fine art reproduction, it is available on ETSY in various sizes starting at $20 and going up to $60.)

Love to you all, and thanks for participating in my first monthly draw!