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Archive for December 23, 2010

The Star Gazer


It is the time of year when we can not help but look to the sky a little more than usual. Whether we are looking for the Northern lights, Santa’s sleigh, the star of David, snow falling from the sky or , as we did earlier this week, a moon cast in the shadow of the earth, we are looking up more frequently.

Looking up feels good. Looking up is good.

When we look toward the sky, it is so limitless and huge it makes us feel small and enormous all at once. It is so empowering to look out into that and know that we are all apart of it. All of us together share that sky. We can all look to the sky whether it be for solace, reassurance, grounding, answers or for peace. It is personal, but looking up to the sky in wonder and amazement is something that we all do, I am certain.

“Why does the moon always follow us, Mama?” my children ask me as they look out the window of the moving car.
“Maybe the moon loves to look at us as much as we love to look at it” I think to myself but am speechless in it’s hypnotic glow.

Just look up, it feels good to look up.