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Looking Beyond

This is a 6″x6″ mixed media painting on wood. The sides are 1.5″ deep and are painted turquoise.
This painting is $70 and is available HERE.

The week after Christmas is a time when we look back at the year that has just passed. The media are filled with these type of memory stories.
Best movie of the year.
Person of the year.
TCM’s remembrance montage.
And so on…
This year was a good year. We are all healthy and happy. But boy, did it ever fly by. I really can’t believe how fast it went! My three-year old turned four and grew up over night. My six-year-old turned seven and turned into a long-necked, beautiful ballerina. My husband wrote a whole musical which was performed at the Edinburgh Fringe festival. My mother had her knee replaced, pretty much a life changing experience for her and those around her. And me, I had several shows, magazine features and surpassed 130 thousand hits on my blog. This is huge for someone who, only three short years ago, painted very infrequently and only for her families viewing pleasure.
I can only imagine (dream) what this upcoming year has in store for me.
Here is to looking beyond.
Dreams are set in motion everyday by taking tiny baby steps.
Cheers everyone, thanks for making my dreams come true and for your ongoing support. You allow me to be an artist, something I have dreamt about being since I was a little girl.
So grateful to you all…. speaking of which, don’t forget to enter the give away for December. There are only a few days left.