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The Swoon

This is a 5″x7″ mixed media painting on Paper covered canvas. The sides are .5″ deep and are painted red.
This painting is $70 and is available HERE.

LOVE … ahhhh….swoon …..pine…swoon….ahhhh…LOVE.

I swoon when I look at my children.
I still swoon when I look at my husband, especially when he wears his glasses and that black winter hat.
That is good, swooning is good.
I swoon when I look at my girls baby photos.
I swoon when I think of the west coast.
These things make me weak in the knees.
I pine for these things when I don’t have them around me.
I can pine for the craziest things.
I am a simple person really.
Clean sheets.
A really good dinner that everyone loves and came together in a snap.
A basket of clean folded laundry.
An organized fridge.
A shiny kitchen floor.
Yummy smelling freshly washed children.
Sleeping children.
Laughing children.
A latte made by my personal barristo,
My Mom and Dad.
Chris’ voice.
A really great, inspiring conversation with my friends.
Movie popcorn.
Heavy blankets on a cold night.
The sound of live music being played in my house.
Eating dinner when it is still light out.
A hot bath.
Eating crinkle french fries on the beach …
…are just a few of the things that I pine and swoon for…