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Archive for March 24, 2011

Awake Within The Dream

This is a 24″x36″ mixed media painting on wood. The sides are 1.5″ deep and are painted red.
This painting is available HERE.

This painting is about living the dream. Really living it. Right now. This instant.

My dream has always been to be a mother; to have children. I tried for five years. Had two operations. Shots. Cried many tears. Made many charts and took my temperature every morning for years.

So here I am, with two beautiful girls and sometimes, I have to be honest, I am often not awake within that dream. I don’t hear them and I don’t see them as I rush by trying to get my day done.

Scarlett’s peaches and cream skin, the curls that spring in to action around the nape of her neck, her amusing look on the world and use of ‘ed’ at the end of words that don’t need an ‘ed’ at the end of them.

Imogen’s biology lesson at dinner every night: ‘Ask me anything about ants (spiders, wasps, butterflies… you name it).’ The way she gazes into your eyes and tells you she loves you. The size of her heart; her compassion knows no bounds.

Look at what you miss when you are not awake in the dream? Blossoms in technicolour. Magic all around. Birds conversing right under your nose.
This is your wake up call.
Awaken within your dream.