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How Do You Love Me

11″x14″ mixed media painting on wood. The sides are 1.5″ deep and are red.

This painting is available HERE.  Canada Post is threatening a strike, though, so shipping time may be up in the air (pun intended).  Thanks Canada Post. Thanks a lot.

It is my Scarlett’s 5th birthday today.  Five years old. WOW, I can’t believe that I had that little baldy biddy five years ago and that my Imogen was only turning three. I treated her like she was so grown up and  I expected her to be.

I remember holding Scarlett in the hospital and looking at her beautiful little hands. They were not like a baby’s hands, they were like miniature women’s hands. They reminded me of my Grandmother’s hands, I am not sure why, but as I held that new life in my arms, I felt the presence of my Grandmother in that room. I will always remember that.

How do I love you, Scarlett Wynters, Let me count the ways

I love your curls and the way that they spring loose from every pony tail and ballet bun I try to tame them with.  You, my dear, are very much like those curls.

I love that you gave me a list for your birthday. It was clear and concise, there was never a doubt of what you wanted.

A watch

A bathing suit

A small stamp dispenser shaped like a post box from the post office


A snow globe

I love your giggle. It is infectious, and the fact that you like being tickled, allows me to hear it often.

I don’t LOVE your ‘dynamic’ eating habits but I do appreciate your need to fulfill your tactile desires. What does that muffin feel like when you break it in little pieces between your fingers?

I love the fact that you  feel it necessary to pull  all the dried acrylic paint off of my palettes. Very helpful, not only does it keep you busy but, in the end I have clean palettes.

I love your abstract paintings and the fact that you think that everything you do is a masterpiece (which, of course, it is).

I love that you love cleaning the kitchen floor, in your underpants, while singing like Cinderella.

I love your special ‘Scarlett hugs’.

Happy Birthday to you. You are so grown up, but you are still my baby.