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Archive for January 25, 2012

Pick A Hand…

8″x24″ mixed media painting on paper covered wood cradle. It 1.5″ deep and the sides are painted turquoise.

This painting is available HERE.

…any hand.

‘peak a boo’, ‘I spy’, ‘pick a hand’ ….the games mothers used to use to entertain their  children before iPods.  Funny, kids still love these games. I bet that if you offered to ‘play pick a hand’, they would  play , with  much laughter, surprise and delight.  Kind of says a lot doesn’t  it?  Just don’t have their iPod hidden behind your back or you may just loose them …as they mutter: ” Hmmmm, I wonder if they have a ‘pick a hand’ app?”

Hope you are all having a great day!