Mixed Media Artist

Dreams Of You


10″x30″ mixed media painting on paper. There is a .25″ border. This painting would need to be framed and matted by you.

This painting is available HERE or maria@mariapacewynters.com

Dreams of you

My perfect love

Strong and dark

Tall and fair

I’ll know you when I see you

But for now

I pine


Remember that time? Pining for a boy you didn’t even know. Perhaps for one that didn’t even exist? Your heart ached  and swelled all at once at just thought of meeting your dream love.

Ahhh, I’ve always been a hopeless romantic.

The thing is, I did marry that boy, and the truth is, he is away  right now and I miss him.  Pining for him? Maybe not quite but I really do miss him when he is away.  It’s more like I’m missing apart of myself. I don’t feel whole when he is not around. It’s an odd feeling, almost nagging, like ‘did I forget my purse?’ ‘where’s my phone’ … something is missing.  Something is just not quite right.  Off.

So, in a way,  maybe I am pining. Pining to feel whole again. Longing to lose that nagging ‘something’s missing’ feeling.  It’s not that over the top, swooning, ‘all thoughts consumed’  kind of feeling.  I know that sounds terrible but it is  much deeper than that.  It is real. He is real. I know him inside and out. I know his flaws and worse, he knows mine. It is not some romantic notion, some glorified love scene from a romance novel. It is the real thing. I miss him because I love him more today than I did when I was daydreaming and swooning about him at 16 because now I know him and he is better than any fictional love hero that I could ever have dreamed up.

So, now you know where these last paintings are coming from. Love is so great because it can start in this crazy passionate place and if you stick with it, it can become that and so much more.

Here’s to love and soul mates!


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