Mixed Media Artist

Winter Garden


This is a 8″x24″  mixed media painting on paper covered canvas. The sides are 1.5″ deep and are painted turquoise.

This painting will be available in the upcoming auction “Transformations” for “The Heartful Soul Artist Collective” in January 2017.  For more info, please go HERE

In Edmonton we don’t usually have much of a fall. We go from summer into winter, often pretty suddenly. I always find it shocking, even though I have lived here form more than 20 years.  Like my garden being covered in snow before the leaves are even raked,  I look at Imogen and Scarlett (who I  have a few more baby years with) and just want to freeze the frame for just a moment so I can catch my breath. Life is ever changing.  I have really found this true for the last few years. I can hardly believe how fast they have gone. I look at my 13 year old daughter and ask “who is she?”, I look at myself int he mirror and ask the same thing.  Like my garden, my dark hair has faded and looks like it is topped with hoar frost.  These transformations are so difficult. Turing from a little girl into, I hesitate to even say it … a woman,  is painful, confusing and frustrating. I struggle to watch her as she strives to grasp all the things that are happening to her, both physically and mentally. And I go through my own struggles with a body I don’t even recognize between  weight gain and a double mastectomy. Side by side, we are transforming. We seem to walk parallel to one another, occasionally, and rarer and rarer lately, meeting.

The Winter Garden

I catch my breath in the cold air,

Poppy pods wear little snowy crowns,

Hops cascade down the trellis like a frozen waterfall,

Sunflowers face the sky like frosted treats,

I pause.

Winter .

I stop long enough to see my breath …

But only just.

Maria Pace-Wynters

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