Mixed Media Artist

Auction Originals, March 21-22

Last year, for my first auction with Stephanie, I had started a top hat series. I had started this simply from being inspired by a photo I had taken of my daughter in a hat. I wasn’t an actual top hat but I often like to exaggerated or romanticize things so it gradually became a top hat and depending on the dimensions of the stretcher, it became more and more unrealistic, distorted and whimsical. When I started to paint for this new auction, I was a little panicked. I was feeling a bit lost and didn’t know what direction to go in, so, as I often do, I looked back for a place to springboard inspiration from. When I do a group of work with a certain theme or subject matter, I often don’t feel like I have completely explored all possibilities so going back is a chance to do that. In this group of work, I was inspired by my previous themes of my blue willow tea set, top hats , tea leaves, floral patterns and birds. I allowed myself to paint what I love, what makes my heart skip a beat all the while keeping with the my on going life themes of dreams, love, strength, wisdom and above all, finding balance as a woman and a mother often through the eyes of my children.

The following original mix media paintings will be available during the upcoming online auction March 21-22. Please join us HERE if you would like to make a bid.img_5079


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