Mixed Media Artist

Monthly Group Auction- Starts Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the  start day for the upcoming monthly collective auction with Heartful Soul and some amazing guest artists.  This auction is online and will start on June 5 and will end June 9 . There is no theme this month so there is a huge variety of works!

Some paintings that I will be including in this auction:


Bon Voyage










True Hope Is Swift


Here is some more info about the auction:


Welcome to Heartful Soul AC STUDIO SALE auction! Paintings will be available for bidding starting June 5 noon ET.

Please PAY ATTENTION! Each item will be available for bidding between 3 to 24 hours only . To find out please read description to each item.

This month artworks will be offered from 15 artists!

POP UP $5 Auction – is a part of a Pop Up Auction. The items with starting bid of $5 ONLY will be available on the bidding floor for 2-6 hours only! Don’t miss it out!!!

Artworks have full descriptions with each photo, including starting bid and a BIN (if applicable – artworks will not always have a BIN)

BIDDING -place your bids by commenting under the photo you wish to bid for. Bidding is in a minimum of $5 increments. By bidding you are obliged to pay the artist the amount you stated via Paypal**

The winning bid is the one that is highest at the close of auction at 3:00 pm EST on the 6 of April

BIN option – to guarantee that you get the piece you want you can use Buy It Now option, by posting a comment with the BIN price listed in the description. Once this option has been chosen no more bids will be accepted for that artwork.

All sales are FINAL.


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