Mixed Media Artist

Summer Mix / Spring Cleaning

temp 3

12″x36″ mixed media painting on wood. This painting has 1.5″ deep sides and is available HERE IMG_0372

Ahhhh, summer is almost on us, what happened to spring, you ask? We don’t really have spring here. It goes from in the minuses last week to +26 this week. Crazy! But I am so glad for it, it has been a long winter.  I look forward to filling my big glass vase with summer flowers.  I love that vase. It was a wedding present and 20 years on, I still feel joy seeing it on the dining room table filled with flowers. It’s funny how some things can remain in our LOVE pile and others, well, lose favour.  I am a bit of hoarder, I do not like giving away things, I love things, lots of things. What happens when you create a person who is very much NOT a hoarder? I watched Imogen go through her closet with the ruthless editing skills of a professional organizer and I resist her purge with my whole being. Are you sure you want to get rid of this? I love this, it looks so good on you. What happens when your kids are way more adult than you are? Its so funny because I am not really a sentimental person. I don’t look back a lot. Imogen seems like a sentimental person in so many ways and yet, she does not find sentimental value in ‘things’. I guess I really can’t expect to have her figured out if I haven’t got myself figured out yet.

…And I guess I better get a rubber storage bin, because there is no way in hell you are getting rid of THAT!

(I just might lose weight and fit into it.)

(LOL, don’t hold your breath)

2 responses

  1. Cindy ONeal

    It sold already! How much was it? Just curious!

    Sent from my mobile phone; typos happen.


    April 29, 2018 at 1:53 am

    • This one was $700 USD but it also had the 20% off coupon that I’m offering in my Etsy shop right now. ❤

      April 29, 2018 at 2:09 am

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