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To Live Most Fully, To Love Most Fully

30″x30″ mixed media painting on paper covered canvas. The sides are 3″ deep and are a continuum of the painting.

This painting is SOLD


What could we want more for our children but to live life to the absolute fullest, to love fully? I am not sure that I am always the best role model, I try, but I will be honest,  I often let worries and day to day stuff to get in way of  living life to the fullest. I am not the best at being spontaneous, I am, as said before, an over thinker. I like to plan and fret over everything which often makes the fullness of a fun activity into a chore. It becomes tiring to me before it has even begun.  Again, I come back to living in the moment … something I will continue to strive for, probably a life’s mission. Living in the moment is always the answer … and writing that last sentence, I need to remind myself  you don’t plan living in the moment, LOL, you just do it.