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Healing & Transformation Auction Sept 22-28

Original Paintings for The Healing & Transformation Auction online. I am still working on a couple more pieces but these are the ones that I have completed. Let me know if you would like an invite or if you would like to be tagged for an individual piece.

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From The Smallest Seed Hope Grows, Maria Pace-Wynters

From The Smallest Seed Comes Hope


Safe With Me

Chose Hope

choose Hope

Dreams In Your Heart, Maria Pace-Wynters

Dreams In Your Heart

Hope With, Maria Pace-Wynters

Hope Within

Hopes In Bloom

Hope In Bloom

I Carry You With Me, Maria Pace Wynters

I Carry You With Me

My Heart Lives Within Yours, Maria Pace-Wynters

My Heart Lives Within Yours

Open Into The Light

Open To The Light

Shared Dreams, Maria Pace-Wynters

Shared Dreams

Where The Light Comes In, Maria Pace-Wynters

Where The Light Comes In