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Christmas Cactus Blue Willow

8″x10″ mixed media painting on canvas board. This painting is flat and will need to be matted and framed by you.

This painting is SOLD

I’ve had my Christmas cactus for almost 15 years. I remember bundling Imogen up in a snow suit at 5 or 6 months and  pusing her stroller over  to the new shop that had just opened up at the end of the street. Hilary, my mother in law was in town and we went to check it out Zocalo ,  an amazing new addition to our neighbourhood; a gift/nursery/coffee shop. Hilary bought me  a small Christmas cactus in a little purple pot. I kept it in our upstairs bathroom. When we moved (a few blocks north), the pot broke so I found a new pot. Not a Blue Willow pot, but a girl can dream. It is  much larger now and lives on top of our piano where Imogen often sits  and plays. Like old friends. It looks down and a blooms. I think it jut may  like hearing her play as much as I do.