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Great Day For a FB Crash …Boo

What a day it has been! All was going so smoothly and then BOOM, FB just stopped working. I was right in the middle of my online March Solo Auction with Stephanie Gagos and  we started to notice that we couldn’t post photos or LIKE comments and then I got completely  blocked out of my computer. This has happened to Stephanie before and we thought within the hour everything would be back and running.


It has been awful. We have worked so hard for this auction, painting day and night and then just like that, no one can bid on my paintings because no one can SEE my paintings.

OK, So the last original paintings are going to be given an extension until tomorrow at 9pm eastern time, just so everyone gets a fair chance to see the paintings. We decided not to put BINS on anything just to be fair to people that can still not get FB to work. We are hoping that by tomorrow everything will be sorted but as of right now, I know I still can’t get onto Facebook on my computer and I can’t post anything on Instagram.

These are  some of the originals that you can still bid on.

I’m putting the FB link HERE and I am crossing my fingers and my toes that it works for you ❤ https://www.facebook.com/events/393670084793587/permalink/407336990093563?sfns=mo

Magnolia DreamerHer Crown Of TwigsFeathered Burlesque (finished), Maria Pace-WyntersButterflies And Bees, Maria Pace-Wynters, originaleZy Watermark_05-03-2019_02-32-25PMBalancing It AlleZy Watermark_04-03-2019_10-47-57AMeZy Watermark_02-03-2019_03-06-15PMFinding BalanceNocturnal Wisdom