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Cheery Flowers/ PYHAS2019

It has been very dreary in Edmonton for the last few days. It’s been warmer, so I am not  really complaining but  the sun has not been out and on Sunday it was so foggy we couldn’t even see downtown from the loft window. All that said, I can’t help thinking about spring and summer. It comes so fast when it starts and the girls and I have even got some seeds to start inside. We don’t usually do this because … CATS… but this year we thought we could start them in my studio ( a no cat zone).  Speaking of the studio and of things I have never done before, I am in the process of filming my workshop for the PAINT YOUR HEART AND SOUL 2019 year long, online painting class.  Yesterday’s work may not have had the results that I wanted, my bun made several unwelcome appearances so I have to change where I position the camera. That being said, I am excited about how everything else looked and can’t wait to start editing it together.

For those of you that have been asking me about this workshop, I have included the link for more info HERE. I will be doing a demo of one of my floral paintings and one of my portrait paintings.

ezy watermark_26-03-2019_12-26-46pm

12″ x 12″ mix media/ encaustic  painting on wood. The sides are red and are 1.5″ deep. This painting is SOLD