Mixed Media Artist

Corseted Heart (Corsets 2019)

This is an 8″x 10″ mix media/ encaustic painting on wood. This painting is 1.5″ deep and has turquoise sides. This painting is available HERE in my Etsy shop or through me directly maria@mariapacewynters.com

The first night that Imogen had to put on  her brace for scoliosis  was truly heartbreaking. The contraption that was strapped around her torso was made of a heavy hard plastic, like hockey or football equipment. The velcro straps had little pen lines on them, marks to let us know how tight we had to have them in order for them to be doing the job. I can be honest, as I stared down at this tiny little girl (10 at the time) and thought no way, she can’t possibly sleep in that. How close did I come to actually saying that out loud? But no, she had to, and she did and she didn’t complain. She managed to sleep in it. Looking back, this was the easiest time. Before growth spurts, before hips, before they decide that a night brace was no longer good enough, before a thirteen year old girl had to wear that hockey gear under her everyday clothes  for 23 hours a day.  Then it really became heartbreaking.

You know what they say though, “And this too shall pass” … and it did…

” What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” … and it does.

My heart still grieves a little for those 5 years of restraint though, even though I know there are so many worse things happening in the world. So many worse things that people (children) have to endure. I still can’t help but grieve for her a little, remembering this time but also knowing that back pain will always be part of her life.



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