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Lucky Thirteen

This is a 12″x12″ mixed media painting on wood. The sides are 1.5″ deep and are painted red (or turquoise if you prefer). This painting is available here or directly through me. Layaway is available on this painting.

It was Scarlett’s thirteenth birthday on Saturday.  She is such an amazing kid. Her mind is full of creative ideas and facts. That brain of hers is full of facts!  I now have two teenagers living in our house but you know what? I couldn’t be happier. Those girls have such a deep love for one another. I love seeing them laugh and carry on together, even when I am trying to get them out of the house and they will NOT focus on the task at hand. Deep down, I feel warmth in my heart, even though I might be yelling for them to put on their damn shoes! I love hearing them sing together, which is often. Scarlett is always singing show tunes and they often feed off of each other and end up harmonizing  on the top of their lungs. I love this so much, even though I may ask for them to keep it down when I literally cannot hear myself think. I love it.  I love how much Scarlett adores animals and often asks if she can go to the pet store when I am at the Post office. I meet her after I am done and often find her  stroking a cat, trying to pick up a budgie or holding a bunny. I have been suckered into adopting a cat (Esther) and Scarlett is also responsible for Jack, our tortoise… I’m a soft touch. (That is two gingers, one west and a tortoise for those of you keeping track ha, ha).

Yes, I am a lucky one. “The luckiest”, as Ben Fold’s would say.