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Faith In what You Cannot See

This is a 8″x16″ mixed media painting on wood. The sides are 1.5″ deep and are painted red.

This painting will be available in the upcoming online auction Healing and Transformation with Stephanie Gagos. If you would like more info about how to take part in this auction follow this link HERE.


This summer has been a bit challenging for me creatively. Sometimes it is hard to have faith that just because inspiration is not knocking at your door  doesn’t mean that it isn’t out the door and maybe down the street and possibly even  around the corner. Sometimes you have to walk out that door into the unknown and keep going until …oh look… there they are… inspiration is right there just sitting on a park bench under the moonlight, eating a sandwich looking at you like: “I’ve just been here chilling out, why are you so rattled?” It is hard to explain to inspiration that when they run off like that, the first thing that goes through your mind is that you’ve lost them forever. What if they never comes back? What if that is it? What if we’ve tapped that inspiration well dry?

Me: Don’t run off on me like that again.

Inspiration: Oh, I will, you know I will. I have a mind of my own, you know. I go when and where I want. You can’t control me but you will always find me. Next time you just have to have faith that the times you cannot see me are actually just as important as the times when I am right in front of your nose.

Me: I know, I know.

Inspiration: Will you remember that next time and not freak out?

Me: Probably not.

Inspiration: (shakes head and take a another bite of their sandwich)