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Originals in Healing And Transformation Auctionp

The last few months have been such a struggle. I have fallen out of step with myself. I am not sure if it is my age (turned 51 this year) or my kid’s age (13 and 16) or that I feel like a huge transformation is coming.  Maybe it is noticeable in art, maybe it isn’t. I can’t tell because  I am too close to it.   My girls are becoming so independent; these amazing, opinionated, goal orientated people. They are not mini me’s or mini Chris’, they are their own people. They have their own likes, their own thoughts, their own style …I mean, they always did but it has become so much more apparent as of late.  They are getting ready to leave me, they are preparing themselves for schools they want to go to and  cities they want to live in.  I am happy for them but I am sad too. I just wish that they could stay this age a little longer. I know that I have always wished this, at every age, but I want them to stay with me a little longer. I think that is why I found it really hard to work this summer. I wanted to spend all of my time with them, drinking in all of this special togetherness that we have right now. I know how fleeting this time is. I try to live in the moment, but I’ve never been good at it.   I know we have a bond that will never break, I know that red string  can go on stretching forever, I know all of these things. I also know that as they transform themselves, I too am going to have to transform myself. These are the growing pains that I am feeling right now. That is how life works. That is the beauty of being alive.  I will transform, I will heal and I will transform again.

The following paintings are the originals that will be up for Auction for the rapidly approaching Healing And Transformation online auction. The auction is on Facebook and begins Sept 21 at NOON Eastern time  and goes until Sept 28. The actual schedule is a surprise, so you’ll need to pop in each day to find out who is up next! ( I may or may not be the last artist on the last day Sept 27 😘)

There will also be a wrap up party at the end! This is always a lot of fun, so don’t miss out.

If you would like an invite there is still time or just go here to join… https://www.facebook.com/events/225053015095371/

Do you see one of my pieces below that you’d like to watch out for? Just let me know and I can keep you in the know ❤


Believe in Magic, maria pace-Wynters

Believe In Magic

Dream Circle, mariapacewynters

Dream CircleLean In, Maria Pace-Wynters

Lean InQueen Bee, mariapacewynters

Queen BeeRoots And Wings- Maria Pace-Wynters

Roots and WingsSummer Dahlias, mariapacewynters

Summer DahliasTo Be Seen And Heard, mariapacewynters

To Be See And Heard

ezy watermark_04-09-2019_03-02-09pm

Faith In What You Cannot See

ezy watermark_03-07-2019_05-18-34pm

Orange Pekoeezy watermark_23-05-2019_09-26-58am

Forever is Composed of Nowsezy watermark_25-04-2019_02-54-23pm

Unruffled Mind

ezy watermark_26-04-2019_01-18-39pm

Our Soulsezy watermark_07-05-2019_09-36-42am

Patiently Waitingezy watermark_08-05-2019_11-22-29am

Lilac Poppies In Blue

ezy watermark_13-04-2019_02-24-59pm

Laced Cage

Doc Sep 13, 2019, 11:06-1

Never Broken


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