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Handmade Holiday Auction 2019

Doc Jun 05, 2019, 10:31-1

I’m so excited to be involved in PART ONE of  The Handmade Holiday Auction this November.

It is always a fun ride and I get to share that ride with a group of amazing artist, all curated and run by Stephanie Gagos. The artists included in this section  are as follows:

Louise Williams, Marianne Goodell, Robin Dalmiras, Micki Wilde, Tiare Smith Woods, Joss Rossiter, Dena Adams, Lindsay Vanhove, Nikol Wikman and Patty Huskins MacLeod. WOWZA!

Part one start off on November 17 and ends November 25. Stay posted, I will be putting up the pieces that I will be putting in the auction. https://www.facebook.com/events/551384022282204/The Polka Dot Dreamer

“The Polka Dot Dreamer”

This is a 12″x16″ mix media painting on wood that will be in the auction. She is 1.5″ deep and the sides are painted red. Let me know if you would like to be tagged for the above paintings ❤ https://www.facebook.com/events/551384022282204/

(Top painting: “Lucky 13″, 12″x12″ mixed media painting on wood, sides are 1.5” deep and painted red).


Early Bird Prices are still available  for both online classes I am participating in next year.

Here is some more info so you don’t miss out not these amazing year long classes!

This course is now open for registration !

If you register by November 31st, you will get a discount on the price!

Please use this link https://karabullockart.com/ref/84, it is my own special link and is how I get paid for the class ❤ Everyone that registers using my link will get a set of 5 postcards! Just message me after you register.

As you know,  LET’S FACE IT is a course created and hosted by Kara Bullock. It is for anyone that wants to practice creating portraits and figurative art, but is especially designed for those of you that have felt scared or intimidated to do so at some point in your life. Together, we want to share with you our strategies, tips, and techniques that we use in order to create our portrait and figurative artwork. You will leave this course feeling confident enough in your skills to never feel intimidated again. In 2020, we will be studying style development and the course will equally focus on portraits AND figures! I personally  will be teaching a figurative piece which is something I don’t do as frequently as portraits so it will be a learning experience for me too! I will be doing a main lesson and a min lesson. It’s going to be awesome!

Click HERE to find out more about LET’S FACE IT – 2020.

Remember to use the above link that is in this blog post. This is how you support me  and ensure I get paid for doing this course ❤ AND … Everyone that registers using my link will get a set of 5 postcards! Just message me after you register.



Registration is now open for PYHAS 2020. I will be doing something very different in this lesson, using another artist’s work to springboard  an original artwork in my own style.

If you would like to join me in this lesson, please use this link https://tinyurl.com/yyj9u9bm

DO IT NOW… earlybird prices still apply! IT is such a good deal. Go HERE for more info on this class.




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