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Talk To Your Heart

Talk To Your Heart MPW

12″x16″ on wood with 1.5″ deep sides. The sides are red.

This painting will be available during the handmade holiday auction online. My day is November 23rd.  More info is HERE.


“Always listen to your HEART. The wisdom of your heart is the connection to your authentic power – the true home of your spirit” 

― Angie karan


Listening to you heart is always the answer. Your head can get you in so much trouble… and it lies! It tells you all sorts of mistruths and can send you in a tailspin for no reason. As an artist, it took me a long time to learn this. As soon as I started listening to my heart and not my head, my art became authentic and I the more I listened to my heart, the easier it became to quiet the voices in my head.