Mixed Media Artist

shopping with children


This is a 6″x12″ mixed media painting on wood. The sides are 1.5″ deep and are painted turquoise.
This painting is $90 and is available HERE.
On ‘Freeing’:
I have to say, I have always felt that wearing men’s ware as a women is not only incredibly sexy but very freeing as well. I am not sure that men feel this way but I have always loved stars that have opted to go this route. Think Katherine Hepburn, Diane Keaton, Marlene Dietrich and even Madonna. I guess I just really like the fact that you don’t have to be showing all that much skin and still have amazing sex appeal. It is kind of empowering. Like I said, not sure if the guys actually like it. I remember going to a school dance dressed up as Charlie Chaplin and I can tell you, I didn’t dance at all that evening. Perhaps a mustache on a woman is never that sexy and, in retrospect, going to a dance at an all boys school and dressed up as a ‘boy’ is probably not the greatest idea I’ve ever had, even if it was Halloween.

This Saturday we had our first art lesson in the loft. Having just all seen the local art gallery’s exhibit of Matisse, I decided that this would be an excellent jumping off point.
Here is what the girls’ created.
( Scarlett was a little creative with the blue eyeshadow before we even got started!)

Meg, signs her creation.
I think they all did a wonderful job!

She’s Just A Little Girl

This is a 6″x12″ mixed media painting on clayboard. The sides are painted red with newsprint butterflies and are 2″ deep.
This painting is SOLD

This is something that I have to remind myself often. Especially when it comes to my seven-year old, I find it much easier to remember when it comes to my four-year old. I always have. I have always expected more from Imogen. When I look back on what I expected from her when she was four I kind of cringe. I guess this the curse of being the oldest and born to an older mother who was set in her ways perhaps, and had way to long to build those expectations. You know what I mean. The times when we would see children in public and think, “if they were my kids ….” (fill in the black with all of your ‘non parent’ wisdom HERE). Or, on the other side of that, when I was trying to have a child unsuccessfully for five LONG years and I would see a mother or father completely ignoring their kid begging for gum as they were standing in the line to buy groceries and I would think “NEVER! I will NEVER ignore my children, I will talk to them, I always engage them in stimulating and meaningful conversation”. I didn’t realize that they weren’t ignoring their kids they were simply WORN OUT. They can do that, you know, after the 100th time or begging for something in the grocery store, that DOES tend to happen.
This all being said, I must remember she is just a little girl more often. I know that I am a good mother, but I could be better. Couldn’t we all? I was watching TV making dinner the other day (yes, I have a TV in my kitchen! I know, I know) and I saw the worst thing I have ever seen on TV. I am not going to mention the show but it was basically about a mother abusing her child in the most horrific and twisted unimaginable way, and this is the stuff we were privy to. And the first thing I thought of was ‘ he is just a little boy’ and then I had to turn it off because it made me ache so bad that a child would have to endure anything like this from his own mother. What hope does a child in this situation have?
And as bad as this was, I have to tell you, it doesn’t have to be THAT abusive to have long-term scaring effects on a child. How about a teacher that tells a child in front of their peers that they will be getting a bad report card if they don’t start behaving? Don’t think that kind of shaming isn’t going to have a negative effect on a child. Unfortunately for the child and teacher, probably an immediate effect.
Anyway, I was just thinking about all of this when I was painting this one and I know what I have wrote it is a bit rambling but really what I am trying to say is those words ‘shes just a little girl’ were circling around my head but what I was thinking about was ‘they are just children’ and they are really delicate and we have so much power over them. We all just really need to remember to be kind.

Things To Wear

I don’t get a chance to shop very often. Unless you count grocery shopping, and I do not consider dragging an almost two year old and an almost five year old around the shops, really shopping. Gone are the days when I could try on a dozen items, checking myself out for extended periods of time. Now to think about it, way too much time! Oh, if I had all the wasted time of singleness. But that is a whole other story.

Top 5 ways I shop (or at least feel like I have!):

(Not in any particular order)

The Dash In, Dash Out

Ok, so I have your kids busy in the double stroller. I don’t’ know how, perhaps one is asleep and the other has a newly bought toy or a treat I have withheld until just the right moment. This isn’t about giving you ideas on how to get your kids to be good while your shopping, it is about what you are willing to do to get some done, so figure that part out for yourself.

The dash in, dash out consists of running into the store of choice and quickly scouring the racks, usually the sale racks. Often you admire the clothes that are completely inappropriate for a stay at home Mother. Those beautiful pencil skirts at Club Monaco right now, for instance. Great for the office, not so great for running around the park or looking under furniture on your hands and knees for wayward puzzle pieces. This kind of shopping can result in not very well thought out purchases that hang in your closet, mocking you whenever given the chance. It also does not work very well when shopping for bras or bathing suits, which is, perhaps, why all my bras are a little older than I would like to admit and my bathing suit is celebrating a decade. On second thought, forget about trying anything on. You’ll never get that double stroller in the change room with you anyway! Just buy what you want and get out before anyone gets hurt!

Cover to Cover

Recently, I have discovered the joy of magazine shopping. I don’t mean catalogue shopping. This is more like window shopping while looking through a magazine. You know the magazine: Wish, Lou Lou, Chocolate are just a few. You can analyse each page, filled with the latest and greatest, without risking any compulsive buying and while the kids, at arms length, are splashing around in a bubble bath. This is definitely the cheapest way you’ll ever shop, just the cost of a magazine. Of course, if you are like me, you seriously run the chance of spending way to much on magazines! They are so conveniently displayed at the grocery store check out and remember, this is the shopping that you still do!

Ham, Peas and Panties (Oh, just get your mind out of the gutter!)

As I mentioned earlier, I do get to grocery shop. So what do those smarty pants at Joe do? How unfair, putting all those cute little numbers right next to the produce . How can you help but buy that sassy little blouse or those kick ass shoes? They don’t cost much more than a chicken. And besides, we’ve been eating way too much chicken lately.

Ebay Express

My husband has great luck buying clothes on ebay, but I can never find anything I like enough, or that fulfills the bargain shopper in me. Part of me is never completely convinced that by the time I’ve paid shipping, I couldn’t find a better deal somewhere else. Also there is the fear of losing the bid. When I want it I want it. I really only look at ‘buy it now’ items anyway. This could be part of the problem. Control freak that I am.I know, how did this get on my list if I don’t even like it? I guess, I just wish I could find something because you can do it in the comfort of your own home. . I just need to keep browsing, perhaps tonight with a glass or red. Now that is a relaxing way to shop!
Paint ’em

I really do love clothes. I mean, I love them! I could never, ever, ever get tired of shopping! EVER! It always makes me happy! Are you starting to see my dilemma?

This brings me to the fifth way: my new painting series, Things to Wear. These light hearted paintings allows me to enjoy( or even covet) a new desired trend without having to leave the house or having to spend any money. I may never have a enough money to buy a pair of PRADA shoes but I can paint them. I know, not quite as fulfilling but let’s face it, where am I going to wear a $500 pair of shoes? I have to admit, clothes are fun to paint, with all their different patterns and textures. It also gives me licence to mix styles, colours, and prints, in a way I never would in real life. But, by far the best things about painting this series are never having to look at the price tag, everything fitting perfectly and last and not least, never having to look at your butt in one of those three way mirrors.