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Two Little Chickens

8″x8″ mix media painting on wood. The sides are 1.5″ deep and are painted red.

This painting is available in my Etsy shop.


Paint Your Heart And Soul 2020

I had so much fun with you guys in PYHAS2019 that I will be returning to teach another painting in  PYHaS2020. (An online year long painting course.)

And guess what?

You can win a spot!

All you have to do is:

You name will be added and you will have a chance to win this year long class.


I will announce the lucky winner on Sept 29th.

If you’ve already paid for the course and win the spot, you will get a full refund!

  To find more details about Paint Your Heart and Soul 2020 follow the link: https://tinyurl.com/yyj9u9bm


Faith In what You Cannot See

This is a 8″x16″ mixed media painting on wood. The sides are 1.5″ deep and are painted red.

This painting will be available in the upcoming online auction Healing and Transformation with Stephanie Gagos. If you would like more info about how to take part in this auction follow this link HERE.


This summer has been a bit challenging for me creatively. Sometimes it is hard to have faith that just because inspiration is not knocking at your door  doesn’t mean that it isn’t out the door and maybe down the street and possibly even  around the corner. Sometimes you have to walk out that door into the unknown and keep going until …oh look… there they are… inspiration is right there just sitting on a park bench under the moonlight, eating a sandwich looking at you like: “I’ve just been here chilling out, why are you so rattled?” It is hard to explain to inspiration that when they run off like that, the first thing that goes through your mind is that you’ve lost them forever. What if they never comes back? What if that is it? What if we’ve tapped that inspiration well dry?

Me: Don’t run off on me like that again.

Inspiration: Oh, I will, you know I will. I have a mind of my own, you know. I go when and where I want. You can’t control me but you will always find me. Next time you just have to have faith that the times you cannot see me are actually just as important as the times when I am right in front of your nose.

Me: I know, I know.

Inspiration: Will you remember that next time and not freak out?

Me: Probably not.

Inspiration: (shakes head and take a another bite of their sandwich)


Let’s Face It- 2020

This last year I have really stretched myself out of my comfort zone and I did two lessons with PYHAS ’19 (My second lesson on painting florals starts soon … stay posted) and I also did a lesson for  Fairy Tales with Style Development Course  ( which just so happens to  launch today join here).

AND NOW …. Drum roll please ….

I am so excited to announce that I am going to be a guest teacher in Let’s Face It 2020! LET’S FACE IT is a course created and hosted by Kara Bullock. It is for anyone that wants to practice creating portraits and figurative art, but is especially designed for those of you that have felt scared or intimidated to do so at some point in your life. Together, we want to share with you our strategies, tips, and techniques that we use in order to create our portrait and figurative artwork. You will leave this course feeling confident enough in your skills to never feel intimidated again. In 2020, we will be studying style development and the course will equally focus on portraits AND figures. Click here  to find out more about LET’S FACE IT – 2020.

This course is not open for registration yet. However, you can read more about this course and bookmark this page so that on October 14th, you can come back and register. What is even better is that if you register by November 31st, you will get a discount on the price.

I am thrilled to be a part of this amazing team of teachers and so happy that  I get to give away one free spot in this course to one of you.  Sign up to this blog http://www.mariapacewynters.com ,  Facebook page , instagram (mpwynters) or twitter  so you don’t miss out  ❤ I will let you know more about how to win a free spot on September 18, so stay tuned!

mariaLET'S FACE IT 20 Class is Open(2)


Summer Mix at The Carrot

Summer mix
Mixed emotions
Longer days, much warmer days
Not my own
Fleeting teens
Fleeting summer months
Time together
Time to treasure
Vacant studio 
Guilt, on both sides of that door
Lazy days that need to be filled
Like my bank account
Such mixed emotions
Memories of long lazy summers that seemed to last an eternity
These days, time travels at warp speed
I need to catch my breath 
Anxiety holds it
Such mixed emotions
This season of my life
Summer time 
Maria Pace-Wynters ©2019
I have a new show up at The Carrot and will be having  a little opening Thursday Aug 8  starting at 7:30. I hope you can join me.
Here are some of the  paintings that are in the show:

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Black and Speckled Chickens in the Garden

This is a 12″x16″ mixed media painting on wood. This painting has 1.5″ deep sides that are painted red and is SOLD. Reproductions are available upon request. maria@mariapacewynters.com or comment below.

UPDATE: Well these girls are SOLD and will be going away to there forever home in the future. They’re on LAY away (pun intended) … did you know I do layaway? Yes, I do! It’s a great way to get what you want even if you don’t have all the money to fork over right now. I love helping people get something they love, it makes me happy

Snow White And Rose Red (sneak peek)

OK so this is a little edited  sneak peek of the upcoming lesson I am doing online with Ever After. If you would like to take part in this lesson, follow this link. It focuses on the fairy tale Snow White and Rose Red but I also answer many question on style development.  The main lesson shows the entire painting of this piece from beginning to end with me doing a voice over explaining  what I am doing and why.  I am still a little shaky about speaking to a camera and getting a little tongue tied in sections but bear with me, I hope to get better. I’d love it if you’d like the video and even subscribe to my channel on You Tube. Thanks for your support!

Remember to join this class go here

Thank you,


Dream Circle in 30 seconds

I have created a You Tube channel that I hope to feature more 30 second paintings, lesson and workshop information and give aways. I hope you will subscribe.

I think this whole world of video might be kind of fun… maybe…  ha, ha, ha … we’ll see! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this 30 second painting, which, by the way, is available in my Etsy shop.


This is a 6″x24″ mix media painting on wood. The sides are 1.5″ deep and are painted red. This painting is available HERE


My online class is now up and is getting a great reception. I am so pleased that people are getting so much out of it and am excited to do more in the future. If you would like more info about this online class with Paint Your Heart And Soul 2019 go HERE. I have also  just finished editing a class for Ever After. I painted Snow White And Rose Red and talk about style development. For more info on this upcoming class, go HERE.

Not So Koi

12″x24″ mix media painting on canvas. This painting has 1.5″ sides that are painted red.

This painting is available HERE

Patience Is A Virtue, SOLD