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The Other Visual Artist That Lives In My House

So, lately I’ve been trying to paint any chance I get and sometimes, actually most of the time, that is when Scarlett is asleep and Imogen is not. This is not good for Imogen. I try to create interesting games or better yet, give her fun crafts to do while I am painting but the other day she told me I was really boring and all I did was paint. OUCH. This is not what mummy wants to hear. Especially, when mummy thought she was doing such a great job at playing along with her make believe games. This days game involved me being the Evil Queen that poisons her with the flowers we got from the dollar store and, I just need to remind you, this is while I am actually trying to paint. So, I was a little sad and I’ll admit, worried, that my painting days were numbered.

Then, something happened: she started to paint from the same reference photos that I use. I guess she figured: ‘if you can’t beat’em, join’em’

So, here is Imogen’s version of ‘Wooly Hat’ . I think that it is pretty amazing. I know I am slightly biased, and I will admit my ulterior motive is that maybe, just maybe, if she sees her art posted it will buy me more painting time. I know, not exactly Mother of the Year, but what can I say? I want to paint.


The Orange Peeler

My orange peeler.
One day I handed Scarlett a bowl of tiny oranges and was surprised to see how long it kept her busy. As I watched her I had this weird vision in my head of rows of toddlers peeling oranges. An orange peeling factory. I am still working on a large 2’x5′ canvas of six Scarletts, all peeling away. Meanwhile, I have painted two other versions of just a single Scarlett.
Anyway, all that aside, this is a great way to keep a two year old busy when you are working in the kitchen.

Imogen Harlequin

I did this painting of Imogen. Like the larger version, I can’t seem to part with it. I put it up on Etsy and then took it off. It is hard to part with your paintings. Especially ones of your children. I really regret selling a few already but that is why you do them isn’t it? To send them out in the world. They can really become a huge weight when they are hanging around the house staring at you. You always remember the ones you sell a little more fondly than the ones you see everyday. I wonder if our recollection of them is better than the actual painting? I hope not. That could be pretty disappointing during a retrospective. YIKES!

Some Days are Better Than Others

Imogen had a rough day on Sunday. It was a learning experience for all of us. I hate when she is sad and that is part of the problem. When she is sad, I am sad and I don’t like to be sad either. So what do you do? Give her everything? Spoil her ROTTEN? Say NO and mean it. Yep, it was a hard day.