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Ballerina Fixes Her Bun


5″x15″ mixed media painting on rag paper. There is a .25″ border. This will need to be framed by you.

Available HERE

Simply Exposed

Ballerina Fixes Her Hair

This is a 8″x10″ pen and ink drawing on stone paper. There is no border on the piece.

This work is available HERE

Usually, my art is not about simplicity. It is about layers, textures. It is about building and changing the image as I go.  I never worry about my initial drawing because it can/will be changed.  I am not a minimalist.

This is also apparent when you come into my house.

I am starting to get worried that one day the door bell will ring and one of those  Hoarder TV show camera crews will be standing on my door step.

Once I heard one of those hoarder specialists say that if you even have one junk drawer then you are on your way to being a hoarder…uh, oh.

I think that it is time to purge.  We need to get rid of stuff and we need to stop bringing stuff into the house that we don’t need or is basically, um … junk.  I am tired of trying to find a place for everything (hence the junk drawers…at least I am not sweeping the stuff under the rug…well, not yet anyway). It is making me ill. This stuff is toxic (most likely in more ways than one!)

This made me think about my process and how it has changed over the years.  I have slowed down, my paintings are taking longer  to complete.  I have not considered this when I question why have not produced as much this year when I had more time with Scarlett in school all day. I think that knowing I have more time has made me take more time when I am creating.

So, I am going to start doing  small pen and ink drawings ….not every day… I don’t need more pressure or rules to put on myself.  Maybe I will do more than one a day!  Who can say.  I do know that theses drawings are very hard for me. I feel so vunerable….exposed… here I am with out any of my magic tricks, with out all my distractions (those being the use of collage and colour).

hopefully I still look good naked … yikes ….here is ‘the full monty’ … ‘the minimalist monty’?  You know what I mean.


Mid Dream

This is a 8″x11″ mixed media painting on stone paper. This is not mounted or framed like my work usually is.

This painting is available HERE.



Ballerina Pink

12″x12″ mixed media painting on stone paper covered wood cradle. The sides are .5″ deep and painted red.

This painting is SOLD

These poppies reminded me of ballerina’s great big fluffy tutus.Spring and ballet have been on my mind lately …so this is not surprising really. The girls have their big performances this weekend. They are excited. I can’t wait to see their costumes, it is always a surprise.

The Ballerinas In Blue

This is a 9″ x12″ mixed media painting on paper covered canvas. The sides are 2″ deep and are painted turquoise.

This painting is available HERE

Ballet on the mind.

‘Twas The Night Before Christmas this weekend.

One Teddy Bear.

One Toy Soldier.

The List

New hair nets

White eyeliner

Black eyeliner

Russian red lipstick

Ballet pink tights


Break a leg!

Last Minute Touch

This is a 9″x11″ mixed media painting on stone paper. .25″ border.

This painting is available HERE.

Still playing with  stone paper!

White Rabbit

white-rabbitHere is a little sketch I did yesterday of a girl dressed as bunny.  Maybe Easter is on the brain or maybe it is last week’s ballet recital (Imogen was a bunny).  Anyway, I thought I’d share it ’cause I thought it was kind of pretty.


ACEO The Ballerina


Monday morning, I always like to wake up to someone including me  in a treasury on etsy.  It just makes the day start out right.  Especially when it is with a group artists that are so amazing.  In fact, most of them were already favorites of mine on etsy!   Anyway, the piece that was included is called ‘Red Guitar’ (available) and the treasury is  entitled ‘Little Women’.

The above ACEO is called The Ballerina.


Just Too Young


It is hard to be two.  Everyone knows that you can’t teach a two year old in a ‘do what I say environment’.  Don’t even try!  To a two year old ‘do what I say’ means ‘do anything BUT that!’ and, make sure you pout your lips so they are touching your nose, cross your arms tight across your chest, and on occasion, throw yourself on the floor in a heap.  Is it any wonder that ballet classes are offered to 3 and up?  The problem with this is that a two year old sees themselves as ready and the idea that someone might even suggest that they may not be is insulting, to say the least!

UH OH …  cue the lips and arms and ONE… TWO… THREE… dissolve in tears to the floor!

This is an original 12″x12″ mixed media painting on a 2″ deep wood panel.

Too Young For Ballet Class


Poor Scarlett.  She is just  a little too young for ballet class. (She doesn’t think she is though!) Next year, Scarlett.  Next year.

This ACEO is sold …thanks Grandmother!