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imogen1s.jpgWell, here I am! It has only taken over five years but I’ve finally got my web page up and running! I am so happy! It is still in the works but with the help of PARADE and Chris I think that I’ll be able to keep this site interesting and current. Of course, having two little ones, time will always be a challenge. I just hope I can continue to find little snippets of time here and there so I can keep creating and even a little blogging.The work in The Current Paintings gallery have all been done since the of end January. For this I can give full credit to Scarlett. She decided that she would not only nap in the house (not in the car) but she would sleep in her own crib at night. All night! OK, OK, there was a little crying out involved but not half as much as I’d expected. These two hour afternoon naps have allowed me the time do art more regularly. Most often with Imogen by my side. As you can see, she is not only my muse (as is Scarlett as seen in “Tea and Oranges”) but she has also become my painting companion. We often play ‘Graphic Art Store’ where we both have deadlines and commissioned art to create. Imogen answers the phone, takes the money, meets with clients and paints so you can see I get off rather easy. All I have to do is paint and play along. It is not exactly the same as losing yourself in your art but I am spending some great quality time with her and really enjoying myself while being creative. I haven’t been able to say that for a really long time!Anyway, thanks for looking at my paintings! I hope that you enjoy them.