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IF ‘Celebrate’ -Life’s First Breath

8-minutes-to-8-lifesfirst-breathsm Congratulations Penelope and Colin!  Life’s First Breath is always something to ‘celebrate’.  My  eldest daughter’s first breath was eight minutes to eight  in the morning and I am still celebrating the miracle of her birth five years ( and another daughter) later.

(Especially when she goes to bed on time).


Life’s First Breath

This is a 8″x 8″ profile canvas that I painted for 8 minutes of Peace. http://www.8minutesofpeace.com/

My first daughter was born at eight minutes to eight in the morning. It was the most profound, awesome and blessed moment of my whole life. To know that she was finally in this world and that she was healthy and safe was the greatest peace I had ever felt. Life is just too precious. We are all someone’s babe. All of us.