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Spring Dreaming

This is another mixed media drawing that I did today.  She seems to be in a meadow.  I wish I was in a meadow. A way from this frigid cold.  I am so done with winter.  Perhaps I have spring on the brain.  I wish spring would sprung already.

Also, you can read an interview I did recently about blogging and my art  by checking out this fabulous blog :  Art of Humongous Proportions.


Supportive Blogging

So, isn’t it nice when someone you don’t even know, out of the blue, gives you the greatest of compliments? I just discovered this blog about my art: http://witezine.wordpress.com/2008/07/21/amazing-art/.

What can I say? It feels good to be validated. Some days I wonder what I am doing or if I should even bother. When someone is moved enough to comment on your art or write a whole blog it means a lot.

Check out this other  supportive blogger and artist:


Thank you!