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I adore Beatrix Potter’s illustrations of tiny little mice. Angelia Ballerina looks great in a Tutu, I’ve always like Mickey and Mighty and I will admit, Stewart was a great addition to the Little family. Cinderella made clothes for them, Snow white cleaned with them. Both sang to them, and their cute little mouse voices. Remember Gus’ little gruff voice? Just adorable! But what is the one thing that these stories have in common? THEY ARE FICTION! Yes, mice are CUTE … on T.V., in cartoons, books and movies!

NOT in my house! Not in MY house! Not in my HOUSE!

I saw him come out of the heating vent. I screamed and he ran back into the vent. I was standing there stunned and a little too still because he came back out again. I took one look at him, pointed my finger and stamped my foot and yelled:

“You get back in there RIGHT NOW!”

And he did.

It makes me think of the book Theo le Seig wrote:

… “now you know,” said the mouse. ” You know what there is in a people house”.

Well, I know what is in my house! A MOUSE!