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Fancy Plumage

FancyPlumage sm
This is a 12″x12″ mixed media painting on clayboard.

Hey, what is that peeking over the side?

Fancy Plumage side


Harvest Rain

Harvest Rain
16″x16″ mixed media painting on wrap around canvas
$400.00 US + $30 shipping
This painting will be on exhibit from Nov 5-16. Shipping would not be until after that time.

harvest Rain aboveHarvest Rain belowHarvest Rain side

Little Crow, Little Crow

Little Crow, little cow …

Crows are so protective of their babies. Maybe that is another reason why I like them. They really make a racket if you try to go near their nest, even if you are simply walking beneath it. Unaware that it is high above you in the tree top.

Once, my dad, a bit of a wise guy (being from Liverpool it is hard for him not to always have some comeback or ‘witty’ remark), was walking outside our house in Victoria when a murder of crows started yelling at him, the way that they do, and he of course told them (I am sure ever so politely) to “SHUT UP”.

Well that was it for him. After that little outburst, they dive bombed him, knocked his hat off and crowed at him whenever he emerged from the house.

Crows do not like to be mocked or told to be quiet. They demand respect. Personally, I give it to them 100%. After all, there are not many of us in this world that can say they got the better of my dad. Ha, ha.

Little Crow

IF ‘Clandestine’ – Now That I Have Your Attention


The Clandestine Meeting

Now that I have your attention

The meeting will now begin

What do two white ravens need to discuss?

They would like it to be noted in the records

They are not albino

They simply have some type of mutant gene

They like that they are symbolic of peace

And they really like the gold sequins on your hat

That is all

The meeting can now be adjourned