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Circus Acrobat With Feathers


5.5″x15″ mixed media painting on rag paper. There is s .25″ border. This painting will need to be matted and framed.

This painting is available HERE or directly from me maria@mariapacewynters.com

On My Easel Right Now…

This painting is in progress.  Really  I just need to finish the sides as it is a  wrap around 3″ deep canvas.

Also the little birdie’s feet  need to be painted in.

I think that the title will be  Hope Is The Thing.

So now you know what I have been up to. Hope you are having a great day!

My Feathers

This is a 8″x10″mixed media painting on paper covered canvas. The sides are 2″ deep and are painted turquoise.

This painting is available HERE.

These feathers seem to make her sad.

Perhaps they bother her nose?

Circus Performer

6″x 8″ mixed media painting on paper covered canvas. The sides are .5″ deep and are red.

This painting is available HERE.

Oh my goodness!

Have you ever heard of Pinterest? I am seriously addicted! What a great way to file all of the amazing and inspiring ideas and images you find on the web! I kid you not, when I look at my boards, my breath eases and a wonderful feeling of contentment rushes over me.

It seriously makes me feel HAPPY! A combo of my CIRCUS board, my HAT board and my BODY ADORNMENT board inspired this little painting.

Anyway, if you haven’t checked it out yet, you should. You can even follow my boards if you like (Just lookie over there in the right hand column where it says ‘follow me on Pinterest’).

The Feathered Hat

This is a 9″x12″ mixed media painting on wood.  The sides are 1.5″ deep and are painted red.

This painting is SOLD

Katie Burley hats available HERE.

I really hope Katie doesn’t mind me painting another painting of one of her beautiful hats.

I could NEVER  actually own a hat like this. My cat Beijing would go crazy for it. He attacks anthing with feathers, fur or wool.  No surprise, he is an indoor cat. Poor thing.  Although come to think about it, he doesn’t  just go for natural fibres.  He has a thing about the girls Ariel doll with the long red hair. He carries her around by her hair.  He IS a ginger, so I guess he is partial to red heads.