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The Feathered Hat

This is a 9″x12″ mixed media painting on wood.  The sides are 1.5″ deep and are painted red.

This painting is SOLD

Katie Burley hats available HERE.

I really hope Katie doesn’t mind me painting another painting of one of her beautiful hats.

I could NEVER  actually own a hat like this. My cat Beijing would go crazy for it. He attacks anthing with feathers, fur or wool.  No surprise, he is an indoor cat. Poor thing.  Although come to think about it, he doesn’t  just go for natural fibres.  He has a thing about the girls Ariel doll with the long red hair. He carries her around by her hair.  He IS a ginger, so I guess he is partial to red heads.


This is a 6″x12″ mixed media painting on wood. The sides are 1.5″ deep and are painted turquoise.
This painting is $90 and is available HERE.
On ‘Freeing’:
I have to say, I have always felt that wearing men’s ware as a women is not only incredibly sexy but very freeing as well. I am not sure that men feel this way but I have always loved stars that have opted to go this route. Think Katherine Hepburn, Diane Keaton, Marlene Dietrich and even Madonna. I guess I just really like the fact that you don’t have to be showing all that much skin and still have amazing sex appeal. It is kind of empowering. Like I said, not sure if the guys actually like it. I remember going to a school dance dressed up as Charlie Chaplin and I can tell you, I didn’t dance at all that evening. Perhaps a mustache on a woman is never that sexy and, in retrospect, going to a dance at an all boys school and dressed up as a ‘boy’ is probably not the greatest idea I’ve ever had, even if it was Halloween.

This Saturday we had our first art lesson in the loft. Having just all seen the local art gallery’s exhibit of Matisse, I decided that this would be an excellent jumping off point.
Here is what the girls’ created.
( Scarlett was a little creative with the blue eyeshadow before we even got started!)

Meg, signs her creation.
I think they all did a wonderful job!

Deep In The Night Garden

This is a 10″x10″ mixed media painting in wood. The sides are 1″ and are painted red.
This painting is $110 and SOLD
The day before yesterday, Turner Classic Movies played ‘Pride And Prejudice’ starring Greer Garson. I couldn’t take my eyes of the HATS! They were all so elaborate but what really struck me was the amazing black and white Tim Burton stripes! They were a delight to my senses and I just had to paint one of these divinely beautiful ‘stripey’ hats!

This is what I was thinking as I did this painting:

Deep In The Night Garden

She thinks so deeply for someone so young
The world’s troubles painfully worn behind her eyes
She would rather walk in the air of the night garden, her eyes wide open
Than be tucked in bed, her eyes shut tight
Asleep, she can no longer control where her mind wanders
Asleep, she must go where her dreams take her
Not where she dreams to be taken
She would prefer to walk deep into the night garden
Eyes wide open

Naming A Painting

I am pretty consistent when I name a painting. Usually, I name it something obvious, you know, descriptive. Girl On A Train, a painting of a girl on a train, no brainer. But the title, even an obvious one like that, is usually running through my head as I paint it. Sometimes, I make up a narrative in my head as I am painting. This has never really changed, when I was young, I used to sit for hours, drawing and making up stories in my head that went with the drawings. I am sure I used a forest of paper.
Now, if I have my act together, I write the narrative down. Lately, I haven’t been doing that and then it makes it harder to title the painting something obscure. I really don’t feel like leaving the viewer scratching their head.
Today’s painting is an example of a title swooping around my brain while painting and it seems so dumb but she was saying ” I Wish I Had Washed My Hair Last Night”. She really was!
So I have titled it this and hope that it doesn’t take anything away from the painting. I feel her regret, as silly as it sounds. She really is in those first stages of the anticipation of falling in love. A time when, even though we know we shouldn’t, we want to present ourselves as perfectly as possible. I think she should throw caution to the wind, accept the highly anticipated proposal and just wear a dam hat.I-Wish-I-Had-Washed-My-Hair
7″x10″ mixed media painting on paper

ACEO Easter Bonnet

aceo-easter-bonnet-1This a new painting I did today.  It is a 2.5″x3.5″ mixed media painting on 100% archival rag paper.


ACEO The Girl With The Sequined Hat

I love this gold sequined hat.  It is a vintage piece that I bought for myself but I must admit, it looks way better on my five year old.

This mixed media painting is 2.5″x3.5″ and is available on Etsy.aceo-girl-in-the-sequined-hatwm1

Every Girl Needs A Big Hat

This is Scarlett looking less like a baby and more like a girl with attitude!

This is an original mixed media ACEO on 100% rag paper.

Wooly Hat

This is a new ACEO I did of my daughter’s best friend. She is wearing the woolen hat that her mother knit her. Too bad you can’t see her matching leg warmers.