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Opinion – Illustration Friday – I Talked To A Crow Today


I never met a crow that didn’t have an opinion about one thing or another!

This is a piece I did earlier this year.

The following poem accompanies it.

I talked to a crow today,

or rather, he talked to me.

I’m not sure what he was going on about

but he did go on and on and on.

I talked to a crow today,

he had an awful lot to say.

“Mr. Crow,” I said politely, ” will you please let me get a word in?”

But he wasn’t even listening.

He went on and on and on.

That is the way it is with crows,

and sometimes with people too.

Not really interested in conversing,

but rather in the sound of their own voice.

I listened to a crow today,

he went on and on and on.

The Pink Tutu

This is a drawing of Imogen in her Tutu from my sketchbook.

When we were in Victoria we bought a fairy dress and a tutu for the girls and the night before we flew home we put some music on and let the kids dance around. I was laughing so hard at them all and the way Scarlett (2) was moving to the music. Then, if that wasn’t enough, my Mum put the Tutu on Matthew (2.5). It was so hilarious I was crying! He is such a boy and to see him dancing around in this delicate pink Tutu when he is anything BUT pink and delicate was so cute, but really funny as well.

Poor Matthew, I photographed and video taped the whole thing.

Oh well, when he gets older he can just blame us crazy women for making him wear it…

BUT I’ll let you in on a little secret: he was just dying to put that pink Tutu on!