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Heidi Hair and Polka Dots- SOLD

16″x20″ mixed media painting on canvas.heidi-hair-and-polka-dots

When I was a little girl my favorite hairstyle was ‘Heidi hair’.  I remember a book I had by Judy Blume (I think?) with a girl on the front, who had dark hair (like me) donned in a  ‘Heidi doo’ with a big red gladiola on the side.  I loved this paining, I think because I thought it looked like me. I remember I loved the book too but I just can’t remember the title … ???***  Boy haven’t thought about that in awhile.

Well here I go again, living vicarioulsy through my kids.  I love putting Imogen’s hair up this way.  She thinks she looks like a princess but  hates all the pins it requires.  It does takes a lot of pins!  Boy does that kid have thick hair!

**** It was “Starring Sally J. Freedman As Herself”