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The Water Lilies Keep Me Cool

The water lilies keep me cool

They bob around my floating head

My hair mimicking pond weeds

I feel the little fish bump up against my legs

A dragonfly lands on me

Perhaps he thinks that I am a log or even a flower

I am so still

Maybe he is kissing me

So very gently

As I lay here



PRETEND- Illustration Friday -Looking For Fairies Amongst The Flowers

I was looking for fairies in the Garden

I left a little cottage teapot for them

So that they could set up house

Perhaps they would prefer to sleep within the flowers

If I were a fairy I’d live amongst the poppies

Their big papery petals would be my walls

and close by I would have lupins and foxgloves and hollyhocks too

Their lovely fragrance would surround me as I





I Talked To A Crow Today

I talked to a crow today,

or rather, he talked to me.

I’m not sure what he was going on about

but he did go on and on and on.

I talked to a crow today,

he had an awful lot to say.

“Mr. Crow,” I said politely, ” will you please let me get a word in?”

But he wasn’t even listening.

He went on and on and on.

That is the way it is with crows,

and sometimes with people too.

Not really interested in conversing,

but rather in the sound of their own voice.

I listened to a crow today,

he went on and on and on.