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Diptych Portrait




These 10″x20″ portraits work together and by themselves giving you the freedom for each child to have their own portrait when they are grown.

Portraits start at $500. (currently a 4 month waiting list to start a portrait).

On completion of  the portrait, prints can be made for family members so everyone can enjoy the painting of your child.




Thomas –


This is a 11.5″x15.5″ mixed media portrait on 100% rag paper.

Today when I was going to pick up my oldest daughter from the School bus, my three year old was wearing the most interesting ensemble. Tan cords, brown leather knee high boots, a pink tee and a tan faux lambswool coat. Sounds fine except I have neglected to mention the pink princess dress and a pointy princess hat (pink of course) with flowing veil.


Here is Thomas. He also loves to dress up. Over half of the reference photos I was sent to paint his portrait were of him dressed either as Batman or Superman. It was his mother’s idea to have him wearing a cape and I instantly thought it would be great.

I chose Superman strictly because of colour. ( I do like red.) Personally, when it comes to superheros no one can hold a candle to Aquaman. Perhaps because he is mainly under water. ( Get it? hold a candle? … under water? … ha, ha … geesh … tough crowd).

However, I am not sure if Thomas even knows who Aquaman is. Is he still around, I don’t have boys so I don’t know. I am fairly certain that he never wore a cape, it just wouldn’t have been practical. I do know but I have always been partial to the fair haired male (except you Mr. Depp, you are fine as you are) and perhaps this is where me liking Aquaman stemmed from, OR PERHAPS, (OMG) me liking fair haired men stemmed from Aquaman!

Now that I think of it, I do remember when I was five, watching Super Friends while my Mum made dinner, standing in front of the TV, eating a raw carrot and crushing on Aquaman. It is one of those weird vivid memories that up until now seemed so insignificant. Perhaps, he was my first crush! WOW.

Hey,come to think of it, do you think Aquaman looks like Chris?

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