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Deep In The Night Garden

This is a 10″x10″ mixed media painting in wood. The sides are 1″ and are painted red.
This painting is $110 and SOLD
The day before yesterday, Turner Classic Movies played ‘Pride And Prejudice’ starring Greer Garson. I couldn’t take my eyes of the HATS! They were all so elaborate but what really struck me was the amazing black and white Tim Burton stripes! They were a delight to my senses and I just had to paint one of these divinely beautiful ‘stripey’ hats!

This is what I was thinking as I did this painting:

Deep In The Night Garden

She thinks so deeply for someone so young
The world’s troubles painfully worn behind her eyes
She would rather walk in the air of the night garden, her eyes wide open
Than be tucked in bed, her eyes shut tight
Asleep, she can no longer control where her mind wanders
Asleep, she must go where her dreams take her
Not where she dreams to be taken
She would prefer to walk deep into the night garden
Eyes wide open