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The Pond Slice

The is a 3″x18″ mixed media painting on wood. The sides are 1.5″ deep and are painted red.

This painting is available for $190 +shipping


July Give Away X 2 …And Me, As Homework

Well, you may have noticed that I did not do the give away last month. The Postal Strike/Lock Out had me a little on edge and by the time it ended, well, it was July so, this month I am going to have two winners.   TWO  WINNERS!

I decided to pick “Water Lilies Keep Me Cool” because this is the time for long hot summer days, when a cool dip in the lake would be more than a little inviting, right? You would think! But this year, it has been long rainy days, flooding basements and mosquitoes in swarms!  So maybe I am not thinking about water lilies to keep me cool but I wouldn’t mind if the dragon-fly featured in this painting gathered up several hundred of his best buds and ate all the mosquitoes that buzz around me daily as I make a bee line from the  house to  the car.

So, you know the drill. Write me a comment about your long lazy summer days. Go ahead make me jealous, I don’t care. Maybe I will live vicariously through your posts, maybe your weather is worse than mine (but I doubt that is possible). And at the end of the month, I will  draw TWO winners for a 3″x4″ fine at reproduction of  the above image. (These blocks are available on Etsy and at The Art Gallery Of Albert gift shop.)


So, guess what? I am homework. Yes, HOMEWORK. Several times now, over the last couple of years, I have had requests for my ‘bio’ from school children in the UK. They have told me that they are doing a report on me (I know, ha,ha, it just makes me giggle). Anyway, it is awesome and I thought I would share  the image that Nicole did for her school report. I am sure that you will agree it is very well executed and is a very beautiful piece of art in its own right.

Thanks so much, Nicole, you did a great job! If I was your teacher, I would give you an A+. Keep drawing!

The Water Lilies Keep Me Cool

The water lilies keep me cool

They bob around my floating head

My hair mimicking pond weeds

I feel the little fish bump up against my legs

A dragonfly lands on me

Perhaps he thinks that I am a log or even a flower

I am so still

Maybe he is kissing me

So very gently

As I lay here